Experience. Perspective. Judgment.
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Experience.  Perspective.  Judgment.

At Butcher Litigation, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest standards of advice and representation, but in a cost-effective and result-driven manner that serves each client's needs and interests.  The ability to do this is sourced from our experience, perspective, and judgment.

Experience:  The old saying “there is no substitute for experience” is nowhere more true than in litigation.  Alan Butcher brings 25 years of litigation experience gained at all levels of courts throughout Ontario.  He has appeared as counsel on a wide range of matters, in motions court, at trial, on appeal, and before tribunals.  He has a solid track record of achieving results.    

Perspective:  Experience brings perspective.  Knowing what matters; seeing the whole picture; avoiding the pitfalls and traps of unnecessary disputes.  Perspective is critical to effective strategic thinking and the ability to get results that matter.  If we don’t think that litigating a dispute will serve your interests, we will tell you up front.

Judgment:  The litigation process is filled with uncertainty and choices.  To succeed, you need sound judgment and insight on critical decisions.  Sometimes these decisions must be made on the spur of the moment, or in the courtroom, and that is when the right representation matters the most.